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Open House Melbourne | 27 July - 28 July 2019

This July, the 12th annual Open House Melbourne weekend will fling open the doors to hundreds of our city’s most loved buildings. It’s set to be one of the biggest programs yet, with 200+ buildings open to the public. Learn what happens behind the scenes, experience a guided tour and celebrate your city and its architecture.

There’s hundreds of free tours to join and t+he program includes a variety of projects taking part in the weekend, from small residential homes, to large commercial offices, to inspiring places of worship.

It’s also a chance to get involved in big city topics through major public talks, tours, and debates – there are a number special events throughout the month of July designed to build a groundswell of interest in critical issues for the city.

The aim of Open House Melbourne is to encourage discussions around contemporary and heritage architecture, as well as infrastructure and urban design initiatives, encouraging residents to actively participate in the design, development and care of our city. By empowering people with knowledge around the impact of good design decisions in our built environment, they aim to ensure Victoria – and its capital city – remains a liveable and vibrant place now and in the future.

Click here for more information on the event.